Saturday, October 22, 2011

Financial Peace of Mind: Feng Shui Your Assets

Seems like today if you are looking for peace of mind, our popular culture will quickly direct you to such sources as Zen meditation, rolfing, crystals, or some such mystical source.

A recent article in Forbes suggested several steps for achieving financial peace of mind via feng shui. These basic areas to consider included:

• Bones: The physical structure of your assets. Reorganize, consolidate, and/or close various accounts.

• Breath: How your accounts are arranged and the way your assets flow between them. Consider creating automatic arrangements between accounts.

• Head: The purpose of your money. Create a clear purpose for your money by creating new accounts or separating money from one account into another.

• Heart: How you personally feel about your money (e.g. confused, vigorous, tired). Research companies more in line with your personal philosophy to keep your accounts.

For more information on applying the principles of feng shui to assets, see Mindy Crary, Feng Shui Your Money, Forbes, Oct. 12, 2011.


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